February 13, 2016

Over New Years my boyfriend and I took ourselves off on a trip to Berlin, It is probably the largest city I’ve been to, and unlike London everything is very spread out rather than in different boroughs so we did a lot of walking! And when we weren’t walking from place to place we were taking shelter from the cold (the temperature was as low as -9* every day)  in one of the shocking amount of shopping centres and department stores.
On the evening of new years we arrived at the Brandenburg Gate far too early so went exploring, and couldn’t get back near the main stage as all the roads and paths were all closed off. But eventually we made it to the other end of the promenade where we sadly couldn’t see the main display but there was so many groups of people all letting off their own fireworks around us it was just as impressive, and felt like we were inside an actual fireworks display, bizarre.

Decided to share a few of the photos from our trip here including photos from  New Years Eve, The Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Classic Remise car museum, Berlin Zoo and The Berlin Wall.