Wedding FAQ


What is your style of Photography?

My style of photography could be described as documentary, contemporary or lifestyle but whatever the label my aim is to tell your story in an informal way with as little direction and staging as possible. Your wedding day will be one of the most amazing days of your life and I don’t want to drag you away from the action every 10 minutes for posed shots, that’s just not my style. I love to document the day in my friendly unobtrusive way capturing the story of your day in the way it deserves to be remembered.

Will you spend all day at my wedding?

I am there from the early morning to capture the bride getting ready right through to the first dance, I follow you from place to place to make sure I don’t miss anything and I’ll always try and squeeze in a visit to the grooms house in the morning to capture a little of the men getting ready if I can. .

How far do you travel for a wedding?

No wedding is too near or too far, I love long drives so will happily drive from one end of the country to the other for your wedding. If it’s a plane journey away even better, If my next adventure is photographing a beautiful destination wedding then even better!

Talk to me about the portraits.

Portraits are a huge part of your day, but they don’t have to be scary. I love this part of a wedding because it allows me and the bride and groom to escape from the hustle and bustle for a half an hour and relax somewhere beautiful. I won’t pressure you into 100 different poses, think of it as a relaxed walk with the odd stop for a sit down, a chat and some you time. If you have no idea where to get portraits done, I have a list of lovely spots and can always visit your venue before the wedding to look for more portrait spots in the area and on the road.

How many Images will we get and when?

You can expect 400+ images of your day all of which have seen my love and attention to make them look their best. I can provide preview images on the evening of your wedding or the next day and I aim to deliver your photo pack with a USB of all your images within 2-4 months depending on the season.

Can we suggest some photo ideas?

Yes of course, I love seeing ideas of what my clients like. Whether its over a cuppa, email or Pinterest board I would be happy to hear them, I’ll even keep note and remember them on the day so you’ve one less thing to stress over!

Do you take photographs during the meal?

No I like to give you and your guests a little break and take myself off to somewhere quiet nearby to review my images. I can even use this time to upload a sneak preview to Facebook if you want to get a professional picture online before your guests start uploading like crazy.

Should we feed our wedding Photographer?

That’s totally up to you, I’m usually powered by coffee and make a mean packed lunch. But weddings are a long day and a good dinner would be awesome. Either way I don’t need a fancy seat in the dining room, I much prefer to take a little break in a side room or bar to look over some images and have breather before the party starts.

Do you offer albums?

My photo packs currently only include a CD or deluxe USB package to give you complete flexibility on what to do with your images but If you are really interested on having a bespoke album designed for you I can work out a package to suit your budget.

Do you publish wedding images?

I love blogging and sharing images online but If you would prefer your images remain private to you that’s completely fine.