February 11, 2016

Welcome, Welcome to my shiny new blog and website.
Every week, or twice weekly if I’ve been up to something exciting; Ill be sharing lots of things like what I’ve been working on and what I’ve been up to. Also between now and June I’ll be posting some University relat­­ed content as part of my Professional Studies module in the final year of my Graphic Design and Illustration Degree. I intend to interview some photographers and creatives I admire, and share what I learned from them both creatively and from a business and operations sense to hopefully aid me in setting up a successful career doing what I love! I hope there’s people out there who will enjoy reading my thoughts and ramblings and If you feel there’s something you could add or want me to cover drop me a wee line in the contact, comments or Facebook parts of my world.



Hiya I would like a bit of information on any wedding packages and prices you have available for 2017 if possible x

Hello Debbie, thanks for getting in touch.
I will send you an e-mail now or you can message me on my facebook page here if that suits you better, speak soon. x