What’s in my Oh Sh*t Kit for wedding days and why you need one!

April 16, 2020

Firstly, I know you have no clue what I’m talking about, so think evening reception toilet basket; the one with toiletries and useful bits to look after your guests, but for you and your bridal party throughout the day.

My experience as a wedding photographer has taught me to expect the unexpected when it comes to weddings and this little bag of tricks will have your back through most of the unexpected, or at least ones I’ve encountered.

Some of the most common items I’ve saved the day with require no explanation; Blister Patches, Chewing gum, bobby pins, hand sanitiser, Sewing Kit etc. are all fairly useful everyday handbag items which rarely seem to make it into the teeny tiny formal bags that just about fit your phone, keys, room key and lipstick, so are great to have at hand in a communal bag like this.

Top of the most used is Safety pins for anything and everything but most often stabilising loose buttonholes.  Another well used item is my crochet hook! These are a lifesaver for bridal prep, all those pretty buttons along the back of dresses take a long time to secure, especially when your girls are getting a little frantic about how they were supposed to leave 2 minutes ago while trying to remember where they left their charger and if they have time to pee. So, anything that can help get that dress on with the least amount of fuss is a win!

Some of the more random items on the list like teeny-weeny cable ties may not get used that often, but when one of the guys belt buckle breaks or the ribbon on the flowers come loose, you would surely be grateful of one.

Finally a notable mention for the understated Kitchen Roll & Greaseproof  paper who saved a bridesmaids dress at a recent wedding and is now a permanent part of my little kit because as my other half says “Better looking at it, than looking for it”

So, tip of the day is don’t forget to have a bag of tricks to hand to look after yourself and your bridal party as well as your guests. And if you don’t have time to do that any supplier whose been at their fair share of weddings will have seen it all before and can hopefully lend a hand.

Summary List:
Blister Patches
Essentail Oil Rollers
Hand Sanitizer
Safety Pins
Wet wipes/Lens wipes (Always Patch test on materials)
Sewing Kit
Bobby Pins
Crochet Hook
Cable Ties
Chewing Gum
Greaseproof Paper & Kitchen Roll