That time I did 3 wedding days in a row 2,904 miles apart!

April 24, 2020

Yes you read that right! I’ve told this story so many times I’ve lost count and everyone thinks its great and a little crazy. But I Promise you I’m not mad, just a workaholic, I thrive on this sort of chaos and being super busy & intense, so here we go…

I had a wedding booking for Monday 30th September which unfortunately was called off, when I mentioned to a friend she remembered that her friend had wanted to book me for her wedding but I was already booked.It turns out that lovely bride to be was Ciara and I got a call from her a couple of hours later, Not only was her wedding on the Monday but it was in Turkey! My unusual excitement for a destination was tinged with a bit of chaos because I already had wedding bookings for the Saturday and Sunday. A few minutes of flight searching and logistics and I was sorted with permission from Sundays wedding that my assistant could take over after the speeches to let me leave early. And the flights and wedding package were booked and the busiest wedding run of my career so far was set! (after many assurances from me that I love to travel and don’t sleep much anyway ha.)

Sidenote that this is NOT how I would ideally shoot on destination, I like to typically arrive 1-2 days early to scope the area and find my feet but in this case lots of planning was done online and I had looked at the resort map more times than I could count. Ciara and Arin are just two of the most zen chilled people and where many would have stressed over the possibility of cancelled flights and delays they just accepted that was meant to be would find it’s way and wanted me there more than the resort photographer they could have with their package.

So on Wednesday the 25th October I started what would be the biggest, longest and most exciting work runs of my career so far

25th, 26th & 27th – Very normal and lovely studio days doing my usual thing with 6 sessions in those 3 days.

Saturday 28th – Mr & Mrs Hutchinson.
I Photographed two family sessions in the morning then took myself off to a beautiful intimate wedding celebration in Brownlow house for Chloe and James, there was a typical September drizzle which made for moody rooftop and umbrella shots with some cute dashes between areas under brollies! I stayed there until 9pm then went home to backup my images and pack my gear for the following days wedding. Plus knowing that I wouldn’t be home again for a few days I had to pack the suitcase too!

Sunday 29th – Mr & Mrs Murtagh.
Up bright and early for Sheree & Aarons wedding in the Galgorm, my work sidekick Barry Porter Videography was my chauffer for the morning and Philip Ray Photography was my assistant and also on route for the days shoot! Mr & Mrs Murtagh had a beautiful all day celebration in the Galgorm with prep in the amazing bridal lounge at the spa followed by a Phantom house ceremony and fun autumnal portraits in the grounds (See their highlights here)
Philip took over for me at the end of portraits so I went for a literal run up to Gillies for my pre-ordered dinner to make it to my taxi 30 mins later for the transfer to the airport. I had a lovely evening in the International Airport (Yes, im one of those weirdos who loves airports and travelling). My flight to Stanstead was delayed meaning I didn’t make it to my premier Inn until midnight and definitely didn’t get my moneys worth for that room as my alarm was set for 4am.

Monday 30th – Travel Day!
4am came fast and I caught the shuttle to the terminal for my 7am flight to Dalaman! Thankfully no delays and I was able to cull and edit some previews from the previous days on the plane, Camera equipment has to go carry on for safety reasons so I had everything to hand in my camera roller case!
I arrived in Turkey around Lunchtime and had a private transfer to the Dreamy Rixos Premium Gocek which is only 30 minutes from the airport but honestly felt like a private island, Guests got 5 star treatment and a boat transfer from the main resort to the Club Prive beach area but as I was on a tight schedule I took the Staff entrance through the forest and straight to the villas. My research was invaluable because i knew exactly where my villa was so I could freshen up and head straight to where the girls were getting ready! And so began a dreamy few days capturing the most amazing love story with a sunset beach ceremony and alfresco dining with outdoor reception under the lights Mr & Mrs Cubuk really treated their guests to the best day, and I was so thankful to tell the story! (view their highlights here)

Tuesday 1st-
Mr and Mrs Cubuk treated their guests to a yacht party and swimming in the reefs and I took some images and a video of that day, this wasn’t part of the package I just genuinely like working so much that I didn’t want to let the memories go, followed by a lovely dinner in the main resort, I was never hungry or thirsty on this trip the staff were amazing!

Wednesday 2nd –
I was up bright and early at 5am for a sunrise shoot in the water! Ciara and Arin may not have been quite as excited as me to get up that early but oh my It was worth it, I’ve never seen light like it! In fairness I don’t often leave the house before 10am but they just don’t make sunrises like that here!
And that was the end of my Turkish dream “Job” I flew home that afternoon and I’ve had holiday blues ever since!

Thursday 3rd-Saturday 5th
Back in the studio and on location for 10 sessions in 3 days, I wasn’t joking when I said I loved to work, and then on the Sunday I treated myself to a day off and family day in Belfast.

Well there you go, thats the story of the busiest work week of my life! When you love a job as much as I do what sounds mental to some is pretty much as good as it gets for me no matter how busy it seems! So thanks as always to clients and admirers for keeping me so busy! Stay tuned this year for another addition of “My destination weddings are never timed well” When I fly home from one in Portugal straight into a two day wedding run here!