During the final year of my Graphic Design Degree our lecturers will bring in creatives who we should aspire to be like to motivate, inspire  and make us think about where we want to take our careers after we graduate in July. We have been encouraged to blog about these visits as part of our professional studies module so here you are!

Emma Kenny a recent graduate from our course came in to visit and speak to us about her ISTD competition brief which was highly successful. Her chat was really useful, she spoke about her design process from annotating written briefs in her own way to better gain an in depth knowledge of the task. Also she spoke about the importance of stepping out of our comfort zone to email people of interest even if there’s only the slimmest chance they will reply.

But the message that sunk in most for me was her emphasis on research, to read every book and article you can get your hands on to present yourself with the best research you can to allow you to create really informed outcomes.

To see Emma’s successful ISTD submission click here. Or see her website here for more info about Emma herself and her work.