Creatives In Focus: Adam & Grace

May 9, 2016

Adam and Grace are a local wedding photography power couple. Grace operated on her own as Grace Photography before she and Adam found each other, got married and Adam joined the business to form Adam & Grace photography.

Adam & Grace’s work has a beautiful fine art/documentary style with amazing wedding coverage in all sorts of locations. They have impeccable attention to detail and “capture the little details” in my opinion better than many in the industry. I know that’s an overused phrase but they really do it with flare using unexpected moments and close crops with interesting composition’s which keep the images surprising, beautiful and timeless.

Their creative shoots can be described as stripped back and minimal in comparison to the over the top extravagant shoots you might see elsewhere; but it works amazingly well for them. A simple creative concept in a minimal or stunning landscape combined with Adam & Grace’s flare results in some breathtaking images. Their portrait sessions are to die for! They work so well with gorgeous natural light in amazing landscapes and still maintain intimacy. The beautiful earthy warm tones in many of their published images are captivating.

Their social media presence is perfect with the right mix of professional projects and insight into the family’s real lives; with loads of enchanting photos of their two kids Isaac (2) and Anna (11 mth).

I’ve met them both in person and they’re as great as you’d expect. But I wanted to dig a little deeper so I reached out and asked them a question to learn a little more; you can read it below.

What is your Favourite thing about being photographers?

“We’ve been shooting together for over 3 years now and have had the pleasure of being the photographers to well over one hundred couples on their wedding day. Not to mention engagement shoots and some newborn photography.
All of this has brought us together with so many couples, their families and their loved ones. In terms of wedding photography, we have the privilege of documenting the couples most memorable day. In essence I suppose we’re invited in to tell the couples story; stories of their past, present and future. It gives us great pleasure knowing that even as decades past and stories unfold they can hold onto something individual and special.
Surprisingly we’ve also both really enjoyed creating and sustaining the business. From brand management to advertising, logistics to work flow we’ve put a lot of time and effort in to trying to promote and direct the business to where we think it should be.
Aside from this we’ve had the opportunity to travel all over Ireland, as well as, UK, Switzerland, Spain & France doing something we truly enjoy. It’s been a great adventure so far!”

I’ve attached some of my favourite Adam and Grace Images from the past wee while and you can find more information about them and their work below: