Creatives in Focus: Jessica Claire

April 20, 2016

I’ve been putting off writing this blog because although Jessica doesn’t know me, and will probably never see this; she was where it all started and is the only non local to feature in my Creatives in focus series. I stumbled on her page when I joined Facebook way back in 2010 and it blew my mind!

I just couldn’t believe the images were real life weddings; in the states weddings are such a contrast to the ones here. She covers bright big and bold weddings in the sunny weather on beaches, and country clubs and everywhere in-between which really stood out to me compared to the quiet countryside intimate affairs we see here more often. Although our weddings are amazing and just as emotion filled and gorgeous it was her coverage which first caught my eye and caused me to seek out local talent to follow.

Personally my favourite aspect of Jessica’s work is her relaxed editorial style, she really makes all of her couples look like pros. I’m not sure if its the amazing locations, beautiful couples, amazing lighting or the subtle direction Jessica must give that creates her beautifully art directed shots which still appear effortless. I also have to take a moment to admire her ability to pose such massive bridal parties I haven’t had the challenge of working with any this large yet but when I come across them hopefully I can channel some of Jessica’s skills to create shots as balanced and serene whilst still maintaining exceptional impact. Close second on the admiration scale is those rain shots; out of this world!

So thank you Jessica you captured my attention years ago which put me on to the path I follow today.

More info about Jessica and her work here:


You were wrong–I just saw this! You are SO sweet, thank you so much for your kind words and for writing about me! xoxo

Whoa. Hey there Jessica! Thanks for taking the time to read and being awesome at what you do! xoxo