Creatives in focus: Kirsty-Lyn Jameson Photography

April 11, 2016

For my Professional Studies module of my final year degree we are encouraged to blog about Creatives we admire to greater understand the industry we are planning to work in when we graduate.

Above you can see some of my favourite images by Kirsty, her control of super dreamy light and use of rich vibrant colour is amazing. I’m also a huge fan of her creative shoots which feature amazing props and vision.
Wether Kirsty knows it or not she has been a huge infulence on my decision to work in photography. Watching her develop and build a successful business over the past seven years (since I started following her) has made me believe that I could be like her and turn my passion into a career. Part of her success is no doubt down to the fact she is a wonderfully kind, supportive and strong woman who has always been happy to help when I need advice, fingers crossed someday I’ll be as talented and successful as her.

As part of this series I was keen to ask each creative a different question to offer me a view into their personality business, hopefully giving me some stellar advice along the way. The question I asked Kirsty was: “How do you balance work and personal life being self employed? Any tips or lessons learned you’d care to share would be greatly appreciated.” Her answer is below.

“Finding the balance between work and personal life is a struggle! How much of yourself do you share? How much time do you sacrifice? People expect a certain presence on social media, the more you show the world the less right you have to your personal life. I show glimpses of my life and my son, going through recent tough times I felt I owed my audience an explanation and I’m honestly so glad I did.  I had support from strangers who really helped me feel it was ok to break down and that I will come out the other side. As much as I shared the bad times I have showed the best times even more so! This is a personal choice and when it feels right you will know where your limits are and what you want to share with your audience. 

I have met so many amazing people who were once just customers but who are now dear friends! You are capturing the best day of someone’s life or helping catch a moment in time of their family or kids, you will connect with them, a connection based on joy and happiness that they will treasure for always, you have been a small piece of their happiness for a moment, it’s an amazing feeling.

My biggest tip is don’t undervalue your work or yourself! This is a competitive industry, you will be expected to do certain things with no payments, but the cost can be your time and your value!  Some people will expect your services and skills for the same as the cheapest competitor but don’t succumb to comparison. People will choose you because they love your work, have faith in you.”

Thank you Kirsty for your continued support and advice it means the world to me to receive such kindness in an industry which is often so competitive and secretive. Keep being amazing.