Creatives In Focus: Christopher Barr

May 9, 2016


In our Graphic Design and Illustration studios on campus we have a fantastic technician called Chris Barr. Chris also happens to be a fantastic photographer, his advice and encouragement has been invaluable for me over the years, he has always been there to help me on topics I struggle with like pricing, studio work and doubting my ability.

I think I feel drawn to Chris’ work because it is so far from my work, I consider myself a documentary style photographer whose yet to find her specific niche; whereas he has an amazing Fine art documentary style verging on photojournalism. His work is bold and unapologetic, often photographing subjects and things which may not be considered traditionally beautiful but he creates images which make you stop and find the beauty in them.

One of the traits I admire most about Chris’ work is his choice in portrait subjects. I’m not sure if he stumbles across them and feels drawn to photograph them or sets out to capture specific kinds of people but either way it works. In a typical set of his images it often transitions from art directed portraits to spare of the moment action shots to location shots which offer great insight, I think these quick variations in image subject keep viewers highly engaged and tie each of his collections together really well.

Chris’ use of close unexpected compositions keep the readers attention even further as the vivid details they often display only add to the overall intrigue of his images. He also has brilliant post production skills choosing an overall look to his photographs which truly compliments the subject matter.


For more information about Chris & his work see the links below: