Creatives in Focus: Rinkadink ⚡️

May 5, 2016

Rinkadink is a creative studio masterminded by the lovely Janine and Lindsay in Belfast. They are at the top of the industry in bumps, babies and kids photography and their imagination knows no bounds when it comes to creative portraits.

I did a few days of work experience with Janine back in 2011 when she was operating as a wedding/portrait photographer. Shortly after she adopted her boys and fell in love with photographing kids in a story which I can do no justice but can be found here if your interested. (and it makes me blubber every time so tissues at the ready) So in 2014 she took the leap along with Lindsay and opened Rinkdink  and what the wedding industry lost was a huge gain for family photography in Northern Ireland.

I’m convinced they both were Blue Peter crafters in a past life, and all their projects look like so much fun. The RAD girls have a bubbly, friendly social media presence with just the right amount of coverage spotted with beautifully incorporated graphic design elements and endearing videos.

Whenever possible I like to reach out to my featured Creatives and ask them a question about themselves or their business. Knowing the story of how Janine fell in love with photographing tiny humans from the blog post discussed above I was curious to know:
Do you think its important for photographers to find their niche rather than covering a large range of disciplines to be successful?
Their answer is below.

“We definitely believe that there is benefit to finding your niche. Photographing what you truly love fosters creativity in abundance! We specialise in photographing Tiny Humans and this has allowed us to focus on this particular niche. We study all elements of what makes kids tick, what they love, what they hate, different developmental stages, best times of day for each age to be photographed…you name it, we know it! Almost every one of our clients comment about how their experience with us seemed so easy and that’s because we have educated ourselves to make it seem easy. If we were out shooting weddings and commercial gigs or anything else, we wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to learning and knowing children inside out!
Whatever it is that you love – go photograph that. The results will speak for themselves :)”

I’ve attached some of their recent work and hopefully its easy to see why these girls were an obvious choice for my Creatives In Focus series, there’s just no one doing it like they are in our wee country.

Keep being RAD ladies! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

More info about Rinkadink and their work can be found below: