Creatives In Focus: Paula O’Hara

May 16, 2016



Next up in The creatives In focus Series is Local girl Paula O’Hara, She started off her career “First as an illustrator, then a designer, then an art editor. My interest in weddings and portraits began whilst working as a designer on bridal magazines” – website Bio. So I am doubly interested in her work because I am also coming from a design background all be it without the years of industry experience she has.

I’m a huge fan of Paula’s editorial shoots, the artistry involved and perfectly executed in these sessions produces a standard I believe seldom seen anywhere else in the industry. The dreamy lighting, wild florals, just the right amount of accessories and staging to help them stand out but still appear real. They really are another level.

Her wedding sessions are nothing short of amazing; set both home and far away they never fail to amaze with captivating locations and beautiful loving couples.
She has this mastery when it comes to storytelling, shot after shot are captured with perfect skill, timing and composure to leave the viewer feeling that the image is an intrinsic part of the day; packed with emotion.

Her Just Us sessions are perfect, she captures and amplifies the genuine connections between her clients in her work, from vast landscapes to intimate settings with beautiful lighting and passion clearly visible in her images while still appearing so real and genuine.

I believe Paula’s Background in design has allowed her elevate her work above simply capturing what’s going on around her. With a little bit of direction she takes her work to perfectly executed art directed shots that truly have a voice of their own.

More info about Paula and her work can be found below: