Creatives In Focus: Paula McManus

May 10, 2016

Paula for me has the perfect balance between natural documentary style photography and a fine art approach. She allows her clients to be how they are naturally whilst capturing them in such a way that them and their surrounding are taken from ordinary to extraordinary with just the slightest amount of direction, allowing her to photograph her clients as they are but at their best.

Each of her weddings however similar in location and style manage to take on a completely different look and feel to other sessions in similar style. She has a distinct ability to allow her clients personality to shine through the photographs and make them truly theirs rather than just going through the motions as a less competent photographer may do.

Her editorial shoots seem highly considered and meaningful but still manage to come across natural and real, a pure talent in an industry where It’s very easy to fall over the line from tastful  to “too much”. She has a great understanding of light and isn’t afraid to use her surroundings to amplify her work. Shooting through and around elements of the world around her to add effects to shots rather than add in post production.

More information about Paula and her work can be found below: