Creatives In Focus: White Cloud Photographic

May 17, 2016

I’m passionate about a few key things in my life, mainly photography but food comes in close second so naturally I’m going to love anything that combines the two.

White Cloud do just that producing project after project of outstanding fresh culinary photography alongside strong product and portrait work used for business promotion. Founded by Fergus Jordan and based in Belfast White Cloud are in my opinion the best around at what they do. Their work is always a perfect representation of the brand it’s depicting weather it be serious and luxury or light-hearted and fun.

They use perfectly composed and considered images to create maximum impact and response from the viewers. Images often show the process of the product that is being displayed, bright backdrops for complementary contrast, well selected props and lots of movement in many the photographs is a lovely touch which just adds to the overall appeal and personality of the products.

You can see a small selection of my favourite White Cloud images but I seriously recommend following them on Instagram, that platform suits their work so well and it always makes me smile when I come across their work on my feed.

And now I’m hungry. Thanks White Cloud!

Check them out!