Creatives in Focus: Conclusion

May 18, 2016

So here ends my Creatives In Focus blog series I have really enjoyed the whole process! I found talking to all of the creatives who were kind enough to get involved and even looking at the work of those who weren’t really rewarding, and it’s had some visible positive outcomes in my  work ethic and attitude.

Kirsty-Lyn Jameson taught me the value of balancing work and personal life when self employed and not to undervalue myself. Rob Durston provided me with invaluable advice on pricing and one of my new favourite mantras “charge more, work less, enjoy life”. The girls from Rinkadink explained how important they think It is for photographers to find their niche and motivated me to continue on the path I’m on toward finding my specific area. And finally Adam & Grace who shared some inspiring words on what they love about being photographers: “In essence I suppose we’re invited in to tell the couples story; stories of their past, present and future. It gives us great pleasure knowing that even as decades past and stories unfold they can hold onto something individual and special.”

The encouraging and kind words of all the creatives has given me such a confidence boost, before this series the thought of talking the featured artists on a professional level scared the life out of me! But they’ve been more supportive and kind than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you guys!

I’ve included a small gallery of some of my own photography work from the last couple of months, because why not? Plus I’m a little proud of myself.

If you would like to read my full final report from this project click here.



You’ve really captured all the esaltnises in this subject area, haven’t you?